Lose the love handles… not your stuff

The world we live in keeps us on our toes

Here’s the thing – we have lockers, we have vigilant staff, and you have belongings. The world is not as peachy as we’d like it to be, and the one area in which gyms can’t set up surveillance cameras – is the changeroom area.

That’s because you have a right to privacy – and we are legally bound to protect it.

Please don’t be vulnerable to people who are up to no good. There are very few incidents of changeroom locker theft, but one incident is one too many. While we go to great lengths to provide a secure environment, please be mindful that there are opportunists out there.

Our clubs have three different types of lockers:

The valuables lockers ARE under constant camera surveillance,
please use them for peace of mind.

Tips to safeguard and secure your valuables

  • Make sure you don’t leave valuables in changeroom lockers, cameras are not allowed in this area in the interest of protecting your privacy.
  • If you need to secure your belongings at the gym, make sure you use the special “valuables lockers”. They are under constant camera surveillance and in full view of members and staff.
  • Sweatproof sports belts are handy for storing cell phones and smaller valuables around your waist while training.
  • Check that your personal insurance covers loss of personal effects – not only for gym, but for anywhere outside of your home.


Our staff are here to direct you to the valuables lockers,
and to answer any questions you may have about securing them.

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