Fitness Trends 2024



We’d love you to MOVE MORE in ‘24, and enjoy it! We’re ringing the changes, bringing in the NEW, and wanting to connect with your world. Let this be the year where you OWN your journey and LOVE every moment of it! Your shape, your size, your age, your fitness level, your personality!


Did you know? Millennials and Gen Z now represent 80% of all gymgoers, so we used our new Greenstone Club as the launchpad for a calorie burning program created exclusively for Planet Fitness and ‘Generation Active’! It’s called 4ORCE! Get in, get on with it, and get it done in 45 minutes. This is functional fitness to the power of 4: with 4 cardio sets, 4 strength sets, in 4-minute rounds – for everyone. It’s a self-driven workout that’s all about time! Push according to your own exertion levels using the equipment in each of the zones mapped out on the floor. Great for group exercise while building strength individually. It’s right on trend and will be introduced to more clubs in 2024!

Booty Bar!

Give your booty a blast! Glutes are in, and shaping around the globe. We wanted in on the action and have just signed a deal to get our hands on the latest workout machines designed to shape-a-bum! We will be zoning areas for women to have a space where they can train comfortably on this must-have equipment – starting with Fourways, Wanderers and Plattekloof Clubs. Way more fun than doing squats and lunges, one of the biggest benefits of glute training is the prevention of lower back pain, and yes, shaping and firming your tush! We look forward to rolling this out in Booty-licious style – selfies, Insta, and glam!

While these new arrivals are still due for release, there’s no need for FOMO! When it comes to gym equipment, you are sorted! PLANET has the best, and latest tech from the world’s top distributers in ALL our 49 Clubs! Go on and USE it!


In the words of one of our PLANET’s Fit-fluencers, SAFTA winning actress, Lerato Mvelase

“Don’t think about the end results! Think about how gym makes you feel: good energy, serotonin, glowing skin, and an all-round youthful look. You’ll feel these benefits from day one, which makes it easier to make gym a lifestyle, and not a goal.”

Get your fitness on in 2024

Seize the day! Enjoy your health, your fitness, and your body

(with or without goals).



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Healthy Moms, Happy Kids

We are a gym for moms with young kids, and select clubs have a Planet Kids facility where you can drop off your littlies in a safe environment with our friendly team!