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Have an InBody experience!

2024 is here! If you feel motivated to kickstart a healthier lifestyle and fitness journey, there’s a powerful tool to help you on your quest:  the InBody assessment, available at most Planet Fitness clubs. This benchmark analysis allows you to understand your body composition, set realistic fitness goals, and track your progress throughout the year. Best of all, it’s absolutely free for you to use!

Step 1: Check InBody availability at your club

Explore the club finder on the Planet Fitness website to check if InBody assessments are available at your local club by using our club finder, tool or ask reception at your club

Step 2: Guided assistance from staff

Ask a staff member to guide you through the inbody experience. We’re here to assist you!

Easy to use

  • Simply step onto the InBody machine – it’s a bit like stepping onto a bathroom scale -and follow the prompts..
  • Once you’ve completed your first assessment, the digital version is sent to your device, (or you can print it out) :).

What does it assess?

The InBody assessment analyses your body composition based on height, age, and gender and provides insights into total body water, protein, and minerals. A muscle-fat analysis reveals your skeletal muscle mass and body fat percentage, and the machine also categorises your BMI and body fat percentage as: under, normal, or over standard measurements. You also get a handy visual graph displaying muscle and fat distribution in your arms, legs, and abdominal area

Track progress over time.

By regularly measuring and setting targets, you can track changes in fat loss, muscle gain, and overall weight. This valuable information serves as a motivational tool to keep you focused on your fitness goals

Do’s and don’ts for accurate results.

  • Avoid coffee for up to 4 hours and water for 2 hours before the measurement.
  • Take the assessment on an empty stomach and bladder.
  • Do the assessment before, not after exercise
  • Body composition and weight vary throughout the day, so try and stick with doing follow up assessments at a similar time of day every time you use the machine.

Is it safe?

  • For most people, InBody devices are considered safe.
  • They shouldn’t be used by anyone with an electronic medical implant like a heart pacemaker or an ICD.
  • And it’s not recommended during pregnancy

Benefits for your year ahead!

  • Knowing your body composition is a great way to benchmark where your body is at – particularly at a time when you want to set goals for a personalised fitness and nutrition plan in 2024
  • Seeing measurable changes every few months is a motivating factor to keep going!
  • Different lifestyle factors impact health and fitness, so finding new ways to keep track of your health is always a good thing!

A great starting block to knowing your body better in 2024!

Embrace the new year with a commitment to understanding and improving your body. The InBody experience at Planet Fitness is your gateway to a healthier you in 2024. Start your fitness journey today!

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