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Johannesburg, _ May 2017: More than 20 years ago, Keiser set out to design a bike that would exceed the demands of indoor group cycling and now Planet Fitness is proud to introduce that know-how to SA, just for you. Whether you’re in it to win it competitively, or you’re just aiming to give that heart rate a kick, Planet Fitness knows that every ride on an indoor bike needs to be a smooth and comfortable one. Only one choice could be made, a name synonymous with spinning, Keiser.

The Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle is the best indoor bike on the market, delivering a real-bike feel that even the hard-core road cyclists rave about.Thanks to lessons learned in the last two decades from past generations of bikes and constant innovation, the Keiser M3 isn’t just any indoor group cycling bike – it’s the ONLY indoor group cycling bike, built entirely around you. That’s YOU the Planet Fitness rider.

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A 0171

Regarded by the pros as a stationary bike like no other, the Keiser M3 is a bike that fits riders of all shapes and sizes. The weight allowance is up to 300 pounds (136kg) which provides a strong and sturdy grounding, when pumping those legs during the most strenuous workouts. This bike has earned its stripes as the best of the best.

Keiser’s innovation put the flywheel at the rear of the bike removing the bike’s vulnerable mechanisms from the sweat and drip zone, which means good-bye to those dried sweat spots and better protection from contaminants and corrosion. The combination of strength and simplicity in the design, makes this a machine with virtually no maintenance requirements beyond regular wipe-downs after workouts. The Keiser M3 at Planet Fitness is equipped with an unparalleled cycling computer that will monitor and display both cadence and resistance levels directly on the screen. Other stats that will be displayed include the usual, time, distance, and calories burned.

Cadence measures pedal rotations per minute and is a useful statistic for many types of workout, especially those focused on developing leg speed, a key performance factor for competitive cyclists. The on-screen resistance level indicator lets the rider set the exact resistance level quickly and without hassle. Comparatively other indoor bikes leave the rider guessing the resistance with absolutely no indication of where the optimum resistance level is for that particular workout.

The first Planet Fitness gyms to receive the new Keiser M3 bikes include Planet Platinum in Sandton, Planet Fitness Wanderers, Planet Fitness Fourways, Planet Fitness Bedford, and the new Planet Fitness Menlyn.


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