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      Mobile Coaching

      No more wasting time looking for your handwritten workout notes! With the planetFitBuddy fitness app, you will have access at your fingertips to your fitness program, progress data and other key information wherever you are.

      Set Personalized Goals

      Need a helping hand on your fitness Journey? Your FitBuddy will help you set personalized goals, track your goals via the app, and set realistic timelines for goals to be reached.

      Exercise Guidance

      Feeling lost and don’t know where to start? Your FitBuddy trainer will set-up and guide you through a goal specific virtual program, with a how to guide and video library of the exercises.

      Nutrition Guidance

      Don’t know whether to order the burger or the salad? With a live calorie and macro nutrient tracker, an extensive food-product database, ability to log your daily food intake, set reminders, and create your own custom meal plans.

      Progress Tracking

      No more jumping on the scale daily and spending hours in the mirror wondering if your workout plan is paying off. With various metrics, planetFitBuddy will allow you to keep tabs on your progress, no matter what the goal is.

      Check-ins and Support

      Need a pitstop to refuel your workout? Your FitBuddy will provide regular check-ins with you to ensure you stay on track. Community – Want to share your workout results with your family and friends? With planetFitBuddy you can share your workout results and interact with your fellow fitness community at the click of a button to never feel alone in your fitness journey again.


      Am I doing enough in the gym? With planetFitBuddy you can view your workout efforts, compare it to your friends and family and see where you place on the leaderboard.


      Putting in all the work with no one to notice? No worries, planetFitBuddy notices all your hard work and rewards you with various milestone badges for your efforts.

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