Planet Fitness Re-Opening FAQ’s

Your debit order will run on the date you originally chose.

We do not bill you in advance; your debit order payment is for that month specifically.

When you signed up, we offered you the following debit order date options. The 1st, 15th, 20th, 25th, and the 28th.

If there are insufficient funds in your account to meet the obligations, Planet Fitness is entitled to double debit you on the next months debit order run or we may track your account and re-present the instruction for payment as soon as sufficient funds are available in your account.

The abbreviated name that will reflect on your bank statement is PF GYMFEE / PF LEVYFEE / PLANETFS

If you do not give us your correct banking details, or if your banking details change at any time in the future and you don’t let us know about this, you will still be responsible for making sure that your Planet Fitness membership fee is paid every month.

Your payment was frozen when we closed for lockdown and will remain frozen until the end of August.  

Debit orders will run again from 1 September  on the date that you originally chose for your debit order to run.  Your membership will be re-instated automatically and your first payment will be on your normal payment date.

If we debited you on 28 August, it is because of an arrears dating back to March or before the lockdown.

If you’re not ready to come back when we re-open, you will have the opportunity to continue freezing your membership for up to a maximum of 60 days.  If you wish to freeze your membership, please email us on

If your membership is frozen, you will not be able to access the Club but You will still be able to access online classes FREE of Charge.

We would like to assure you that we have implemented beyond international, world class, best practice, Covid-19 Safety protocols in all of our clubs to ensure that you are safe when you return to the club and to ensure that our clubs are COVID-19 Free.

International Research has also proven that gyms do not pose any threat to your safety.

Rather than cancel, you will be able to Freeze your membership – until you are ready to come back, but If you still wish to cancel your membership, you will have to send us an email with all your details.

Please bear in mind, if you decide to cancel, you may be charged a cancellation fee and a then a joining fee if you want to re-join the gym.  

Terms and conditions of your existing contract will determine how the cancellation of your membership will work.

For cancellations or for more information on your membership please email

For any member on a fixed term membership, e.g. 12 months or 24 months contract, we will extend the length of your membership automatically by the amount of time that we have been closed. (5 Months). 

Your membership will be unfrozen automatically, unless you contact us to keep it frozen. If you have frozen your membership for a specific period of time, you do not need to contact us to unfreeze it, your membership will automatically unfreeze when the freezing period expires.

You will be able change clubs – If you were at a Club close to your office and are now working from home which is not near to your original club, you will be able to swop clubs to one closer to your home, in this case there will be no charge to swop. There are however some differences between the pricing of clubs. If there is a difference in the price, your membership fees will be adjusted accordingly. Normal T&C apply if you are swopping clubs for any other reason.

Yes, we will put a number of measures in place to support members that are in a vulnerable group, this includes members who have co-morbidities (underlying conditions) or members who are over 60.

We do recommend that you consult with your medical practitioner first, before returning to the club, particularly if you are over 60 or have co-morbidities (underlying conditions).

If you are not able to return to the club immediately, we will allow members over 60 to FREEZE their memberships for up to a maximum of 90 Days. 

FREE Online classes are also available to you

Planet Fitness Re-Opening FAQ’s


Once you arrive at the Club, you will be met by our Qualified Nurse or Covid-19 Compliance Officer.  You will be screened for Covid-19 symptoms and have your temperature taken.

These measures are precautionary measures to ensure that our clubs remain Covid free and to ensure the safety of our members and staff.

If you answer YES to any of the Symptom Related Questions –  We are required to follow Government regulations that stipulate the following

  • we will not be able to allow you access into to the Club.
  • You will have to leave the Club
  • You will not be permitted to return to the club for a full 10 days or
  • you will have to get medical clearance and evidence of a NEGATIVE Covid-19 Test before you are able to gain entry again.

Normal Temperature is around 36 – 37,5 Degrees.

If your temperature is tested and reflects above 37,5 Degrees, we will allow you to sit aside for 10 minutes and you will then be re tested.

If after 10 minutes your temperature still tests above 37,5 Degrees,  we are required to follow Government regulation which  stipulates the following

  • we will not be able to allow you access into to the Club.
  • You will have to leave the Club
  • You will not be permitted to return to the club for a full 10 days or
  • you will have to get medical clearance and evidence of a NEGATIVE Covid-19 Test before you are able to gain entry again.

We have temporarily restricted the hours of gym opening to ensure that we keep staff and members safe Restricted hours means that we can also increase the level of cleaning and can run a full deep clean while the gym is closed.

We are also taking into account the Curfew that is currently in place.

Please refer to your respective clubs for operating times.

Yes. We will limit the number of people in the gym at the same time in accordance with government regulations and so that members can keep a safe distance from each other.

Each club is different so limits may differ per club. It’s best to plan your visit at a quieter time to avoid having to queue.

NO. We will not be using a booking system. For the moment, you will be able to visit whenever you’d like. We will work on a First Come First entry policy. Our clubs are large and we don’t anticipate needing a booking system.

We will evaluate this from time to time and if we see that there is a bottleneck during peak time, we might have to implement a booking system.

We do not expect any ques but we have put safety measures in place, just in case you do need to wait a little before getting in.  You can reduce the chance of having to que, by planning your visit at a quieter time where possible.

If you do have to que, we ask that you observe our social distancing requirements whilst you wait.

We ask that members stay a maximum of 1 hour in order to keep the number of members in the gym, low, at any time and to give others an opportunity to do their workouts.

We’ve improved safety and hygiene measures in all of our Clubs.  All clubs will have a pre access station where you will be required to visit, before you will be permitted to enter the club.

At the Pre-Access Station, you will be met by our Covid-19 Compliance Officer and you will need to:

  • answer a few questions about your health
  • have your temperature checked
  • sanitize and
  • Check that you are wearing a mask

Once you have been cleared to enter the Club, you will then tag yourself into the club.

If you don’t receive the all clear to enter, unfortunately, you will need to leave the club.

Yes, you can use the changing rooms. We are restricting the number of members in the changing rooms at the same time and have also taken a number of lockers out of use.

The use of hand basins will be restricted by way of social distancing markers.

We do encourage people to change before coming to gym where possible, to avoid using the changing facilities.

NO – Hairdryers have been removed and will not be available for use.

YES – Showers will still be open. We ask that you observe strict social distancing in this area. If you can, we ask that you train and go, but if you must, the showers will be available to use.

YES, but we have made some changes in order to keep members safe. We have reduced the number of the spaces available in the class, in line with social distancing requirements in order to keep members at a safe distance from others.

There will be a limited the timetable.  While we are getting our gyms back to normal, classes will be on a first come first serve basis. You will still see the timetable on the website and will still have FREE access to the online classes.

YES, Personal Trainers will be able to provide safe, socially distanced training for their clients once the gyms re-open.

NO, Spotting will not be permitted at all.

You may bring a towel with you, but you may not take the towel with you to the exercise area. 

No sweat or other towels will be allowed anywhere in the facility other than in the changing rooms. Users must use facility provided paper towels to clean and disinfect equipment and surfaces before and after use. You will find Paper Towel dispensers that have been provided for you in the gym area and Group Exercise areas.

We believe that our clubs are some of the safest environments to be in. We have implemented world class, benchmark best practice protocols in all of our clubs and have worked with top hygienists and professionals to put our safety protocols together to ensure your safety

The protocols in place include:

  • Pre access station where members will be met by a qualified nurse or Covid-19 compliance officer where they will be required to undergo screening before being able to enter the club.
  • Social distancing allowance of at least 10m2 per person,
  • We have also provided sanitiser on every piece of equipment in the clubs, to ensure that members will be able to sanitize the equipment themselves, before and after use.
  • Sanitizer stations and paper towel have also been placed throughout the club for members to make use of whenever they need to.
  • Social distancing markers will assist members in being able to keep social distancing
  • Numbers in group classes will be reduced
  • Our Clubs will undergo a deep clean daily and an extra fogging every week.
  • Towels will not be permitted on the Gym Floor
  • Showers will remain open and we ask you to observe strict social distancing in these areas
  • Sauna’s and Steam Rooms will be closed for now
  • Train and Go will be encouraged

All Planet Fitness Clubs will be deep cleaned overnight and regularly through the day, using medical grade disinfectants that will kill the virus. We will conduct a Deep Clean and an extra fogging of the Club at least once per week.

We keep the environment safe by taking the appropriate cleaning and disinfecting measures.

We also use medical grade sanitizer throughout the club to keep the environment clean.

Being physically fit is highly protective against a range of illnesses. It also boosts the immune system. COVID-19 particularly affects those with underlying health conditions, diabetes, hypertension etc. and those overweight. It is more important than ever to maintain one’s health and fitness.

NO, COVID-19 is not transmitted through sweat.

Don’t forget, wiping sweat from your face could lead to the virus being passed from your hands to your face so it is very important to regularly use hand sanitisers, wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water and avoid touching your face as much as possible.

Planet Fitness has added more hand sanitising stations in every club as well as onto every piece of machinery so you can easily access these throughout your gym visit.

NO, International research has shown that gyms pose no additional risk to catching Covid-19.

Our gyms are one of the safest places to be in. Planet Fitness has introduced new cleaning and social distancing measures in all Clubs to ensure that members can work out safely.

Planet Fitness has high-grade air-conditioning systems. Our Air-conditioners bring fresh air in, from the outside, every few minutes which will significantly improve ventilation.

COVID-19 survives in droplets or possibly aerosols (very fine particles) and can be transmitted person to person via close contact.

At 2 metres distancing the majority of droplets fall to the ground and thus risk is greatly reduced.

Good ventilation can reduce this risk through dispersion and provision of HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air filters) and fresh air systems (or simply leaving windows open) can aid dispersion.

Planet Fitness has high-grade air-conditioning systems. Our air-conditioners bringing fresh air in, from the outside, every few minutes, which will significantly improve ventilation.

We make use of the highest quality medical grade sanitizer in all of our clubs.

Afrisan AG+ is what we use for surface cleaning and for deep fogging as well as sanitizing. Afrisan AG+ is the only South African disinfectant proven to kill COVID -SARS 2 which causes COVID-19 and leave a protective layer of Silver on the surface to continue the destruction of this virus on an ongoing basis.  To read more about the sanitizer we use –

 As per government regulation, Masks are mandatory.  

A mask protects people from droplet spread from one infected person to another person, this is because the majority of droplets emitted will fall to the ground within 2 metres. 

Much to the relief of some of our members, Government has released a new regulation regarding the use of masks in our clubs when it comes to High Intensity Training

Masks are no longer compulsory whilst you are participating in high intensity training, provided that you maintain social distancing of at least 2m.  Masks are still compulsory throughout the club at all other times, including on entry and exit.

If you are doing High Intensity Training, you may drop your mask and replace it when you are finished with your training.

Gloves can be worn at your own discretion but are not recommended by the WHO.

Gym Gloves can harbour a high viral load and can contaminate surfaces. The individual may also transfer from glove to face in a higher dose and not touching the face and washing hands thoroughly is far more important.

If you do wear gloves, it is important to observe strict protocols to avoid the spread of the virus by, not touching your face while exercising when you have gloves on and ensuring that you remove them and wash them correctly, after use.

Clothes are considered to be a low-risk source of infection from COVID-19 and washing at 60 degrees, kills the virus. However, they can become contaminated so should be handled with care and as always, wash hands thoroughly after touching. Do not hand wash clothes. Changing clothes immediately after reaching home is strongly advised.

First of all, if you are not well, or if you have any concerns whatsoever that you may have contracted, or been in touch with anyone infected with COVID-19.

When in the gym, follow the simple guidelines: keep your distance, wash your hands, and clean down equipment before and after use with the new sanitizing stations provided. Also, try not to talk directly to people face to face, rather to one side of each other. Shouting propels droplets further. If coughing or sneezing, do so into the inside of your elbow to catch droplets.

YES. In addition to extensive and frequent cleaning by Planet Fitness teams, we’ve installed new Sanitizing stations as well as sanitizer on every piece of equipment so that you can clean equipment yourself, before and after use, for added peace of mind.

There is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the use of showers, pools, hot tubs, or Jacuzzi’s.  However, to be safe, ensure that you observe social distancing in this area

NO, Sauna’s and steam rooms, and Jacuzzi’s will remain closed

If you feel unwell please do not come to the club.

At the Club:

  • regularly sanitise hands using our in-club sanitizing stations.
  • Wash your hands regularly for with soap and water for 20 seconds.
  • Follow all social distancing markers in club.
  • No moving of equipment.
  • No sharing equipment.
  • No training in groups other than designated GX Area and ensure you stick to your space.
  • Clean equipment before and after use, using our sanitizer which can be found on each piece of equipment.
  • Sweat towels will not be permitted on the training floor. Use disposable paper towels provided.
  • Masks are mandatory

Every Club will have a Covid-19 Compliance Officer or a Nurse. Please advise the Compliance Officer that you are unwell and they will be able to assist you further.

Swimming Pools will still be open.

  • All swimmers must rinse themselves off before entering pool area.
  • Only two swimmers are to be allowed per lane.
  • Rest intervals should happen on opposite ends of the pool.
  • All swimmers must bring and use their own swimming aids.
  • Parents may assist their children provided that the parent and their child maintain 1.5m spacing between themselves and other participants and coaches.
  • All assisted coaching (e.g. toddlers that need to be held by the coach) will not be permitted.
  • Aqua classes are allowed provided a 1.5m distance is maintained between participants and between participants and the instructor.

NO, Childcare facilities will be closed for the moment.