New Members

Annual levy fee:

An Annual maintenance levy fee is payable by you to us, every year and will be payable from when the agreement came into effect and will occur on the month as depicted below and will continue for as long as the membership remains in force. Only exclusions are Platinum/Student/Pensioner memberships as well as JustGym memberships signed after September 2015.

If you join between November and April, you will pay an Annual levy in July and will be collected on the same day as your monthly debit order.

If you join between May and October, you will pay an Annual levy in December and will be collected on the same day as your monthly debit order.

The Annual levy fee is an additional fee which will be due and is not the monthly membership fee but will equal the then applicable monthly membership fee. For example, if the applicable monthly membership fee is equal to R250, then the Annual levy Fee will also be R250.

The Annual levy will be used by us in the manner decided upon by us, towards on-going maintenance, upgrades, and enhancements to the clubs.

Only exclusions are specified Medical aid benefits/Student/Pensioner memberships and JustGym members who joined on or after 1 September 2015.

Monthly Membership Fee Increase:

Your monthly membership fee will increase annually on your membership anniversary and will continue for as long as the membership remains in force.

The increase will be at CPI (Consumer Price Index) or 10% (ten percent) whichever is higher.

Specified Medical aid benefits will increase annually on the 1st of January regardless of when you join.

We will contact you at least forty (40) business days before you reach the end of your membership fixed term to let you know that your membership fixed term is coming to an end and to let you know of any material changes to this agreement, including any increases to your Monthly Membership Fee.

Unless you notify us in writing that you do not wish to continue as a member, your membership will automatically continue on a month to month basis at the increased rate thereafter both parties will have the right to give 1 months’ notice to terminate this agreement.



Your monthly membership fees and annual levy will be collected on the debit order day of your choice however if such day falls on a public holiday or Sunday then at our discretion we will collect these fees on either the preceding or subsequent business day.

Termination of a membership:

You can terminate this agreement:- (a) during the cooling off period which is 5 business days of membership signature date; or

(b) on one calendar months formal notice to us before the expiry of the fixed term; or

Should you terminate this agreement prior to the expiry of the fixed term (or any renewal period) for any reason other than provided for in this agreement, you will be responsible for all amounts owing to us up until the date of termination and we will be entitled to levy a reasonable cancellation penalty limited and determined in accordance with the guidelines set out in the CPA and, if applicable, the CPA Regulations.

Pro rata payments:

Pro rata is due at point of sale; in the event that your pro rata amount was not paid at point of sale, this amount will be collected via debit order on your selected debit order date.

Membership Administration Fee:

Should the membership you have joined allow changes we may apply an administration fee for such changes as well as while you freeze your membership.