Morning Vibes


Are you feeling the energy this morning? If not, here’s how to kickstart your day and learn to love your mornings. 

See the light

Make the first step out of bed towards the light, outside. Or open the curtains and lift your eyes to the light. If its still dark outside, turn on the lights. Natural light is the best way to wake your brain, though, so if you do feel foggy in the morning and don’t have access to sunlight, consider investing in a sun lamp or light box.

Take a moment

When you first wake up, think about something you feel grateful for, or something you have planned for later that you’re looking forward to. It can be something small like a tasty meal you have in mind or a call with a friend. Any thought that is pleasant to you will make you feel less sleepy or grumpy and rouse your brain.

Start at the gym

After a good night’s sleep, most of us feel better. An early morning workout is one of the best ways to ensure you’ll get a good sleep later, when it’s bedtime.  A workout also gets your blood flowing and your nervous system revved up. Another option for a restful night’s sleep is to schedule in a yoga class during the day. 

Get into early morning workouts

In fact, an early morning workout is a good idea for many other reasons too.  It gets your metabolism going and helps you to burn more calories throughout your day. Follow your workout with a good, healthy breakfast. 

Studies also show that morning workouts help lower your blood pressure, and if you workout before eating breakfast, it helps to protect against type 2 diabetes by protecting you against insulin resistance and glucose intolerance.

When exercise becomes a part of your regular morning routine, you’ll boost your longevity, immunity and mood.

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