Mind & Body Classes


Not just a series of exercises to strengthen and lengthen muscles with a focus on the core, this class adds Pilates props to transform a new you.


A few benefits of these classes aim to improve balance, flexibility, coordination and strength with particular emphasis on breathing, and connecting mind and body.

Tai Chi

Based on Chinese martial arts, this mind-body connecting discipline focuses on improving balance and strength.

Stretch It Out

This class will improve the flexibility of all major muscle groups, with dynamic and static stretches to ensure the body stays injury free.


A combination of Pilates and yoga, these movements consist of dynamic and static poses to improve core strength and flexibility with the focus on connecting the mind and body.

Bikram Yoga

These 26 yoga postures performed in a heated studio setting have been designed scientifically to warm and stretch muscles, tendons and ligaments in the order in which they should be stretched.

Hot Flow Yoga

Hot Flow Yoga will take your yoga journey into a heated studio whilst moving from one asana to another, then holding these poses through strength and breathing to promote and increase flexibility, but also improve body awareness.