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How does physical fitness boost your brain?

How does physical fitness boost your brain?

Do you tend to think of hitting the gym as a body sculpting exercise? Sure, looking good is one factor in the mix when choosing to exercise, but the benefits for your mental health are just as fantastic. In the busyness of our daily work lives and careers, we often need to operate at peak mental performance for extended periods. Burn out is not unusual. The good news is that physical exercise builds our mental resilience, too.




A sense of wellbeing encompasses how we think, feel, act and enjoy life.  When we’re depressed or anxious, doing physical exercise may feel overwhelming, if not impossible. The truth is, exercise is great preventative medicine for minimising psychological stress. So how does this work? 

It’s all connected

Exercising releases endorphins, which are the feel good hormones that our brains respond to. 

The energy paradox

Rather than draining us, regular physical activity increases our mental energy levels during the day and helps us to sleep better at night. 

The breath of life

Most people aren’t conscious of their breathing rhythms. When we’re stressed, our breaths may be too short. When we’re inactive or distracted, it may be too shallow. Physical exercise – especially routines like yoga – regulates and strengthens the breath resulting in calmer, stronger mental focus.

Breaking the cycle

Psychological tension causes us to tense our muscles. Tight or clenched muscles, in turn, elevate a sense of tension. Exercise breaks this cycle.

Memory and concentration

Exercise actually stimulates the flow of brain cells, helping you to feel and stay mentally sharp.In short, exercise increases your heart rate and pumps more oxygen to your brain.  You can enjoy all these benefits with as little as 30 minutes of exercise daily! As your physical fitness and endurance improves, so does your mental confidence. This flows into all areas of your life.  Planet Fitness offers affordable options for club membership in your area. There are lots of options for different classes, training equipment or running tracks to help you get the ball rolling. Click here to experience a week free on us! 

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