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      Members can save up to 80% of their monthly gym fee.


      How much do you save?

      Sanlam Reality member’s pro-rata fee will be calculated for the first month upon joining. An activation fee may be applicable from time to time, and a R150 tag fee will be applicable.

      Members can save up to 80% of their monthly gym fee.

      Kids between 13 and 18 years old can train for FREE. (Excludes JustGym)

      Your discounted monthly rate

      Your monthly discounted gym fee is based on the type of Sanlam Reality membership you have, the type of Planet Fitness membership you join on and the number of times on average you access the club on a 3-month rolling period.

      How do i join

      Sign an application form with sales.

      Standard Planet Fitness Contract, rack rate -80%, promo code REALITY.

      You must be a qualifying member of Sanlam Reality on the following membership options:

      Reality Club, Reality Core, Reality Plus and Reality Health. You qualify to become a Sanlam Reality member if you have a Sanlam Group product.

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