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      Ge 25% off monthly fees, No activation fee, No minimum visits

      How much do you save?

      Multiply members pay NO activation fee when joining Planet Fitness through Multiply.

      Multiply offers you a fixed discounted rate of 10% or 25% off your monthly membership fees. This benefit means:

      Children under 18 years train for free. (Excluding JustGym)
      You get the same great discount every month. No guessing!
      The number of times you visit the gym doesn’t determine your discount.

      Get more with Multiply

      The more active you are, the more you get. You earn an active day for each gym session (one per day) and you get 1 Multiply point for each active day.

      Active Dayz™, together with your Healthy Heart Score and status on Multiply Premier will determine your Momentum product discounts and partner rewards.

      Get up to R3 000 per month per family, back in cash with HealthReturns for day-to-day healthcare costs if you are a Momentum Health member;
      Get up to 60% off Momentum Myriad life insurance premiums;
      Get up to 60% back on some of your Momentum FundsAtWork and Group Risk premiums with your employer.

      How do I join?

      If you’re a Multiply Premier member, simply speak to a Planet Fitness sales consultant or click below and sign up for a 1 week free trail.

      Get 7 Days FREE