HIIT – it’s all about rising to the next level​

HIIT - it's all about rising to the next level

High Intensity Interval Training is the next level of training, here is why…

Did you know, that increasing the overall intensity of your training ensures that your rest times are shortened, resulting in an intense workouts with quicker and more evident results? Assisting to boost calorie consumption, ensuring efficient and explosive training sessions. 

Here are some more great benefits of high intensity classes and workouts. 

Boosts cardiovascular and muscle strength 

Including a variety of exercises into your body conditioning workouts will not only ramp up your heart rate, but also amplify your muscle and strength development. 

Torches fat.

That’s right! Performing body conditioning exercises for just a few minutes elevates the heart rate and revs up your body’s metabolism as well. The more calories you torch, the more fat you burn.

Builds core strength. 

Did you know that at least 29 muscles form part of the human core? Body conditioning exercises and workouts are a great way to target all the muscles and help to build core strength for enhanced athletic performance and improved posture.

Enhances flexibility. 

Because body conditioning exercises generally require you to move through a full range of motion, they are an excellent means of stretching tight muscles and ensuring joints are moving freely. Flexibility makes it easier to perform everyday tasks and can even help prevent exercise related injury.

Improves balance. 

Bodyweight exercises require you to use stabiliser muscles to work against gravity and keep your body upright. A pistol squat, for example, requires you to lift your bodyweight while balancing on one leg. Not only does your quad, hammy and glute work but so does your entire core.  Super-functional exercises like this can help improve overall balance.

Prevents Injuries. 

Body conditioning exercises and workouts that follow a natural flow in movement are generally safer to perform and minimise the chance of injury, no matter your age, experience or fitness level. 

Achieves Real Results. 

Combine the above benefits and you’ll soon start to see results in both lean muscle gain and weight loss. 


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