Fitness in all shapes and sizes

Are you trying to fit into someone else’s jeans or genes? There is no reason to aim for any shape other than your own. What matters to your health is not so much about a figure on the scale, but about your own body composition. The aim is generally towards less fat and more lean muscle, but the perfect ratio could be wrapped up in a whole range of different shapes and sizes.

Everyone is different

Whether you are tall and thin, broad and short or anything in between, it’s all beautiful. Of course we should celebrate our curves, just as much as our elegance.  So if you’ve ever asked yourself if you’re fit enough to fit in, drop that thought and replace it with this one: what is your own best fit? Start your exercise journey for the sake of your entire body, because the benefits extend way beyond your appearance. 

Be comfortable in your own skin 

As a young woman, mature career woman, mother or grandmother – you can appreciate the following results of regular exercise:

Brain Fitexercise eases anxiety and reduces age related cognitive decline.

Heart Felt: it really does pump more effectively with exercise and over time reduces the risk of heart disease.

Shout it out: increase your lung capacity with exercise and reduce the risk of lung cancer.

Breast is best: yes, regular exercise can also reduce the risk of developing breast cancer.

Get into the stream: lower the ‘bad’ (LDL) cholesterol and raise the good (HDL) with regular exercise.

Bones and joints: preserve your bone mass with weight-bearing exercises, and increase your flexibility.

Stand your ground: strong muscles are good for your stability, balance and co-ordination.

The natural glow: sweating helps the body to excrete wastes via the skin’s surface, and exercise brings oxygen and nutrients to the skin.

Don’t overdo it, but do it.

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