Goal Digger

Goal Digger


You may have dropped Olympic Gold from your wishlist, but there’s still plenty of room to enjoy a toned, fit and healthy athletic body.  If you’ve never played sports professionally, you can still start training for fun, local runs or triathlons. Tough obstacles courses can shift you out of your comfort zone, but it’s best to start with small goals, like a 5km run.  Here are some tips to become a goal digger! 

One step at a time

Nobody goes from the couch to a marathon overnight. A series of smaller goals will lead you there. Start training at least 3 days a week for about 15 minutes, then gradually increase the intensity and time.

Pace yourself

An indoor running track offers a safe, convenient way to get ready for outdoor fun runs. Try intervals of stepping up the pace for a few minutes and then slowing down for the next few. Sometimes, finding a running buddy at the gym helps to keep you motivated.

Mix it up

Remember that fitness isn’t just about running. You’ll want all your muscle groups to be working at optimum levels. Do a bit of strength training on the machines, indoor cycling or a group body conditioning class in-between your track sessions.

Fuel yourself

As you start exercising and burning calories, your metabolism will gradually speed up. Snack on fruit juice or yogurt before a workout and then replenish afterwards with a healthy protein snack. Stay hydrated, drink a bottle of water at least 2 hours before you exercise and then refresh every 20 minutes during exercise.

Setting goals and building your fitness delivers tons of benefits beyond just your body. It helps you in the workplace, in your life and your career. It builds your confidence and sparks your inner glow.

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balanced athlete

Are you a well-balanced athlete?

Maybe you tend to think of an athlete as a professional, or as someone who participates exclusively in running or marathons. But the term actually refers to anyone who is proficient in physical exercise. That’s quite a wide area.

You might have a certain degree of natural athletic ability, or you might have honed a particular proficiency.  So let’s look at some of the different kinds of athletic ability and how to develop different areas for all-round, well-balanced fitness.


Stamina is about training your body to make the most efficient use of its energy supply. If you want to increase your athletic endurance, sticking to one routine with no variation isn’t the way to do it. 

The best way is to mix it up by combining some cardio days with strength days. Use compound movements instead of only isolated ones and reduce the resting time between sets. 


Strength training isn’t just about lifting heavier. Developing as an athlete is about a balanced approach that will build your base. 

Speed is the result of more power, while explosive strength is about speed of muscle contraction. It’s not about either explosive strength or power, but about the combined effects of both. 


We’ve already spoken about developing speed through strength, above, but agility can also be improved with sets of sprints or high intensity cardio with a few seconds of rest between – also called high intensity interval training or HIIT. Do the same using a skipping rope or do single foot hops.


Not only does flexibility improve your performance, but it also helps in preventing injuries. Add in some flexibility workouts, as part of your weekly routine, to help increase blood circulation and also ease mental tension. Yoga is good for athletes, too!


Sports-specific training needs the balance of participating in a wide variety of different exercises. This maintains your fundamental skill set and keeps you fit for life.

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