Join Planet Fitness with Agility Rewards.

How much do you save?

Going to the gym just got rewarding to the MAX!

As an Agility Rewards Platinum member, we’ll pay your gym fees back in full!

Yes, that means your gym membership is FREE of charge when you visiting your gym regularly.

Best of all you pay NO joining fee when you sign up at Planet Fitness

How much does it cost?

You only pay the initial card fee and can then claim your cash back gym reward every 3 months. 

Your rewards are paid into your very own Agility Healthcard, which acts like a debit card and can be used at any healthcare provider. 

Prefer the cash?  Save your cash backs until the end of the year and get a nice little cash pay-out, to you, from you!

Terms & Conditions


You need to use the gym 12 times per month to enjoy the maximum cash backs

Your  Agility Healthcard  is ideal for making provision for unexpected or day-to-day healthcare expenses

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