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      About JustGym

      JustGym will make you look fab, feel superb, and keep you smiling at a super-duper price!
      JustGym from Planet Fitness is South Africa’s first value gym group, offering all you’ve come to expect from Planet Fitness, without the trimmings, for a very, very good price. You get to enjoy exactly the same equipment as any other gym- the same bikes, the same machines and the same weights.

      This new offering and low price-point will revolutionise the health club industry, broading the gym-goer market and making health training accessible and affordable to a whole new market segment.

      It’s a gym for the people, by the people. A new training home that fits neatly into any budget, without compromising on the high standards set by The Planet Fitness Group you’ve come to know and trust.

      No frills, no expensive extras – JustGym.

      JustGym, is a brand extension of the Planet Fitness Group. Planet Fitness has more than 20 years experience in the health club industry, currently boasting a network of premium health clubs located across South Africa.
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