Daily Nutritip: TASTY SNACKS!

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Did you know that snacking is on the rise? When choosing a snack remember that what you eat and how much you eat is far more important than when you eat. Enjoy some fruits, vegetables, low-fat yoghurt or wholewheat crackers as a healthy snack option.

Did you know?

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As with any other food there is a place for snacks in a healthy eating plan. You can fit snack calories into your healthy eating plan without adding extra calories to your daily intake. Here are some colourful, tasty snacks with 200 calories or less: 1) one small wrap with ¼ cup baked beans and 2 tablespoons chopped tomato, 2) three cups air-popped popcorn sprinkled with three tablespoons grated parmesan cheese, 3) one tablespoon of peanut butter spread on 1 medium apple, 4) a colourful veggie snack with 6 baby carrots, 10 sugar snap peas, 6 cherry tomatoes and 2 tablespoons low-fat salad dressing for dipping, and 5) ½ cup cereal topped with ½ cup chopped fruit and 2 tablespoons low-fat yogurt. Think of snacks as mini meals that can contribute nutrient-rich foods!

Have a fun filled healthy day!!!

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